Home (is with my family)

Australian history incursions: shows & workshops for primary and secondary schools
General Australian History

Family & Local History

A music and story workshop based around a song with an identity with family theme.
Students make up lyrics about their school, family and home. 

$5 per student with a minimum of $500 per show

Travel/accom/road toll fees may apply in some locations

Home is with my family  

We can live on top of a mountain

We can live along the sea

Home is with my family.

And I’m proud of my home, for me it is the best

It’s where my friends and family work and play and rest

From early morning sunrise till the stars are shining bright

I’m proud of my home, for me it is alright.

With this song the students:

  • Join me in playing instruments & singing
  • Make up their own verses about their place and families

The ideas for the students’ verses are stimulated other songs and stories I sing and tell about:

  • My family and home town, with photos from my childhood
  • My full name – Frantisek Jan Mc Murray Wositzky – and my migrant/refugee background
  • Coming to Australia by boat and meeting King Neptune (covered in sea weed!)
  • How in Australia in 1956 the only way my family could send messages ‘back home’ was by letter, or by making a vinyl record as a Christmas greeting

Home (is where you like to be) finishes with all singing the new verses of the song, which I record and leave the recording for teachers to continue the song and story writing.


Practical Details

Curriculum: National Curriculum, Foundation – 2, studying personal, family and community histories.

NSW Curriculum: Early & Stage 1 (This is Me/Places We Know/Families Past & Present: Stories & Hist./Identifying Us/The Way We Were).

Format: This can be a 60 minute show, or extend into a 2 hour workshop where students get the opportunity to work on their own individual verses (or with a partner).

Numbers: The show itself is suitable for groups up to 100 students, but for the workshop/writing extension the numbers and time allowed will need to be discussed.

Cost: $4.50/student with a minimum of $450/show.
For an extension workshop (where all get to write more verses) there’s an extra $200.
(Allowance for travel and accomodation may apply in some locations.)


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