Born Under The Paperbark Tree


By Yidumduma Bill Harney & Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky

Yidumduma Bill Harney is an Australian living treasure. Born in the mid-1930’s to a white father – Northern Territory legend, writer and storyteller, W.E. (Bill) Harney, and Wardaman mother – Ludi Ibulwuy – Yidumduma is a master of both his black and white heritage – a stockman, saddler, drover, ceremony and community leader, grazier, political activist, painter, songman and multi-lingual storyteller.

Written in Yidumduma’s unique blackfella way of talking, Born Under The Paperbark Tree tells shocking stories of violence and cruelty alongside mythology of the Dreaming; about a sister stolen by white authorities and Yidumduma saving his sons from the same fate; details of a childhood in the bush learning to live off the land, and hilarious yarns of drunken poddy-dodging cattlemen and miserable bush publicans – all told in the authentic voice of a man who’s lived in two world and come up ‘top all ‘round’.