Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky’s

Hello Teachers,

I’m a storyteller, writer and Australian folk musician
based in Castlemaine, Victoria. 
I have a passion for Australian history
that I love to pass on to young people in schools … and

*  I’m widely known as a founder the famous Bushwackers Band (1971)
*  Have 47 years experience writing and performing Australian history stories,
including …

*  Hundreds of shows for thousands of students
*  13 history features on ABC Radio National
*  Two award-winning television history documentaries for ABC and SBS
*  Several best-selling history and heritage books such as the Bushwackers Dance Book and Me & Phar Lap
*  Several awards, including a Victorian Community History Award for goldrush CDs The Monster Meeting.

My top quality Australian history incursions are

*      Highly recommended
*      Curriculum aligned and adaptable to your curriculum focus
*      Thoroughly researched, factual and with new information in addition to the standard knowledge
*      Based in story, music and theatre
*      Popular with students and teachers, and include meaningful student participation.

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Phone:    0417 332 065