Home (is with my family)

Australian history incursions: shows & workshops for primary and secondary schools
Family & Local History

HOME (Is With My Family)

A music and story workshop based around a song with an identity with family theme.
Students make up lyrics about their school, family and home. 

“Thanks so much for coming to our school last week,
the kids absolutely loved it and so did our grade one teachers.”

Rebecca Loomes, Trinity, Narre Warren

P-1/2, suitable for up to 100 students                                                                                                                                                                                 Cost
$5 per student with a minimum of $500 per show                                                              Travel/accom/road toll fees may apply in some locations


In this workshop I teach the students a song about family, tell stories from my family that are contained in the song, talk about how to find you family story from parents and grandparents, with students write verses for their particular family, with the whole class write a verse about their local district, talk about their local stories and about how to find the local story, and at the end we record all we’ve written. I leave behind the recording and notes and templates for further work.

Home is with my family  

We can live on top of a mountain

We can live along the sea

Home is with my family.

And I’m proud of my home, for me it is the best

It’s where my friends and family work and play and rest

From early morning sunrise till the stars are shining bright

I’m proud of my home, for me it is alright.

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