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For those who don’t know of me: I’m 62, and sailed to Australia with my Czech-Scots family when I was five.

Later I became a Storyteller Musician: be it live shows, radio features, books, audio tours,  or producing CDs and events, I’m either telling a tale or playing music or most likely both.

I play old style 5-string banjo, harmonica, bodhran, spoons, rhythm bones and a bit of ukelele (doesn’t everyone these days?).

My material is eclectic Australian: history tales, folk songs, weird and wonderful happenings from my travels, here or overseas, my songs, stories of about people I meet – with a particular eye for the story of black-white relationships in Australia. I do a lot of cross-cultural work, with Indigenous Australians, Turks and others, telling our mutual stories.

Like many Australian artists I run the gamut of the long-running identity issues that are part of being part of being here. But if you’re after that G’day G’day Aussie Aussie Aussie type of junk, I’m not your man.

My home is Castlemaine, the most diverse mono-cultural town in Victoria, 120 ks from Melbourne. It’s traditional Dja Dja Wurrung country, gold rush country, an arts town, an engineering town, with a mix of old country folk and latte swilling blow-ins.

Cheers, Jan.